A Note on 64-Bit

Well, in the instance you haven’t heard, X-Plane 64-bit was released in the wild as a beta.

It seems so far all of our customers have been good about understanding what the implications are in the short term, and that version 10.2 is more of a development build for add-on developers! That said, if you’re daring enough to give it a go (or just curious) there’s nothing wrong with that either so long as you have patience! :)

On our end we have begun working on the necessary steps and have road mapped how to get 64-bit rolling for all of our products. Once we have an update available for any given product(s) you guys will be the first to know.

Our suggestion is to stick with 10.11 for the time being if you wish to really enjoy your add-ons for everything they are. We will also update progress on our recommendations for you when it comes to various builds as we continue to iron out any plug-in issues going forward.

That’s all for know!

Blue Skies!,



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