X-Plane 10 Screenshots

I’ve been doing some testing this week on the latest build of X-Plane 10 to ensure compatibility with our products in the X-Aviation catalog.

I’ll make another post later with more details, but for now you can just enjoy these screenshots from when I was testing RealScenery Oahu.

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 X-Plane 10 Oahu Screenshot

X-Plane 10 ScreenshotsX-Plane 10 Screenshot

X-Plane 10 ScreenshotBlue Skies!


16 thoughts on “X-Plane 10 Screenshots

    • These screenshots are nice that’s for sure BUT – I bet the FPS when those images were being taken were probably under 20FPS if not worse … This Xplane 10 still needs help with memory allocation – sorry, but I’m a computer tech and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to show that xplane 9 – allocated memory WAY BETTER than xplane 10 – — I’ll buy it as soon as I see 10 running 50-60FPS on Min settings .. My two cents
      This using the latest Web Demo…files

  1. Beautiful images. X-plane 10 is looking superb. I really like where this version is going and I’m sure we have only scratched the surface of what 10 can deliver. Thanks for posting the screenshots.

  2. On the first image the clouds seems to have background 2D impressionist painting look, I would say REX does the better job (but REX it’s not 3D). The rest of the pictures looks interesting. I like the lights streaks a lot on the last picture.

  3. One thing that really satisfies me is the fact that there is a horizon. In x-plane 9, i hate how it the water just fades into the sky. This is VERY exciting news.

  4. Something that looks like good shadows is showing in the second screen (engines and everything). I simply can’t wait the final release.

    Have you had the chance to see autogen elsewhere or you only have a sad empty world?

    Thanks for sharing btw this is great!!

  5. Arti, yesterday I had clouds outside my window, which looked exactly like these on the first screenshot. So they look believable to me ;)

    The only one feature, that 3D clouds lack so far, regardless of a sim, is this distinctive very bright white edge, around otherwise gray cloud, when a cumulus is lit from the other side, than the observer is looking from. I also miss more pronounced significant clouds: cumulonimbus, towering cumulus, lenticularis clouds.

  6. So, if you don’t mind me asking? Are the clouds in version 10 actually 3dimensional? I mean volumetric so that you feel that you can actually fly through them. Even in Microsoft Flight Simulator they are 2d clouds that are actually flat ‘billboards’ up close. I haven’t seen many simulators that have effectively pulled this off but I think it’s part of X-plane 10 feature list? Is that correct? The clouds are looking great anyway, a remarkable improvement over X-plane 9. It’s the sky that really does it for me. The colours look stunning.

  7. @Graham: Yes, I do agree. It’s also nice having longer visibility selection now!

    @Keven: I have seen the autogen in other places. To be honest, it’s something to marvel at. I don’t plan on going crazy posting shots of it at this time, but when you do see it on your own computer I think you’ll quickly see just how impressive it really is.

    @Rhydian: The clouds are 3d puffs. Unlike in X-Plane 9, you don’t get the rotating cloud effect in X-Plane 10. It’s a very believable experience! I think Laminar has come up with a great compromise this time around, and the lighting effects on the clouds in live time is very, very cool!

  8. But what will happen with the new weather system and REX? On the bright side I’m really glad the default planes are designed by JRollon, top notch quality.

  9. a month old almost and still now new shots posted here like was hoped for back in october :( why cant we fast forward. this wait would not have been as bad and long if LR didnt announce this a year off !

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